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HR Fluidity in Workforce Management and Payroll Operations

Towards Fluidity in HR.

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Unleash Your PayrollInsights on HR and payroll in times of uncertainty and how you can embrace agility to turn challenges into opportunities.

  • In this SD Worx Report, you’ll uncover the outcome from an extensive online survey – “The Future of Work and People in Europe” that has gathered insight on HR and payroll from 3,000 companies spread over 11 European countries.
  • Nearly half of European companies are convinced that COVID-19 will have a lasting impact on their businesses and that we will have to radically change the way we work (together) after the crisis.
  • The number one concern today is to ensure smooth, efficient payroll calculation and payment. ‘Payroll’ tops the overall list of 19 possible HR priorities in all but 3 countries.
  • Only 37% of polled organizations claim to have reached a high level of digital maturity in HR.

Download SD Worx’s Report – HR Fluidity in Workforce Management and Payroll Operations

It’s no secret: HR used to be far more straightforward. Most of the parameters that determined a company’s approach were out in the open and, to some extent, even predictable. But the panorama has changed. HR is now overwhelmed by unknowns. If nothing else, COVID-19 marks the point of no return.

In today’s world, HR professionals should increasingly focus on flexible, customized, continuous and agile approaches to their ways of working. Only by embracing this new element of fluidity can they prepare for the unexpected and turn challenges into opportunities.

Let’s put it into terms that suit the wacky spirit of this year perfectly: HR should resemble hula hoop shaking, meaning it combines both a solid base and fluid movements to give you a competitive edge in the ‘never normal’.

This research-based report exposes how entrepreneurs and HR professionals in 11 European countries go about unleashing their HR’s hula hoop skills. The goal: to find a manageable balance between fluidity & stability when it comes to payroll, outsourcing, reward policy, digital HR, employee experience and workforce management.

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