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A Resilience Recipe: The Method for Cooking-Up Success

It’s the word of 2020.

Sonia Mooney


@Irrmago via Twenty20

Unleash Your Potential Read up on 5 key ingredients for a successful resilience strategy.

  • Choosing positivity, especially during challenging times can transform our mindset to achieve resilience.
  • Meditation and mindfulness practiced regularly, can be a game-changer in our steps to being successful.
  • As HR leaders we must work on our resilience strategies to be the very best role models and decision-makers for our organizations and workforce, but how can we get there?

During challenging times our habits can make or break us. Investing in our well-being helps build and maintain resilience, giving us the ability to not only survive but to thrive. Enabling us to be there for our families, our people & our businesses, and to successfully navigate whatever life throws at us. Here are my top 5 ingredients for a successful resilience recipe.

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About Sonia:

Sonia is a Global HR Leader, Consultant, Agile HR practitioner, and former Global Head of Talent Excellence at Rolls-Royce.

Her passion is helping HR Functions to supercharge their effectiveness – creating efficiencies, excellent employee experiences & better business outcomes. Ultimately delivering more value for their people, business and customers whilst freeing up teams to focus on more strategic, creative, value add activities.  

​With 20 years of HR experience, she is industry-recognized for leading collaboration to deliver creative, transformative change, market-leading solutions, and outstanding business results on a global scale.

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