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HR Tech Adoption: How to Enhance Employee Engagement

Where does resistance and poor adoption come from, and how can we rectify this?


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Unleash Your Digital Transformation Tech adoption isn’t easy – here’s what you need to know.

  • Among the interviewees for this report, 22% believe that mediocre HRIS data impacts personnel management.
  • Manager discontentment was mentioned by 16% of the interviewees.
  • Read detailed EXCLUSIVE insights from Bouygues and Engie HR experts on their experiences and success stories for HR Tech adoption.

Download Shortway’s Report – HR Tech Adoption: How to Enhance Employee Engagement

The arrival of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in recent years has radically changed the human resources (HR) landscape in organizations. Today’s prime HR challenges are digital transformation of the HR function and enhancement of the employee experience.

One question immediately comes to mind: Do employees willingly adopt these systems?

This report presents a dozen personal testimonials by HR and HRIS managers working in different business sectors. These are enriched by Shortways interviews with a panel of fifty HR and HRIS decision-makers.

An HRIS is special in that it impacts everyone in the organization. Data quality directly influences HRIS adoption, and there is a risk of seeing a vicious rejection circle if this is not well managed from the start. Resistance to adoption can also cause organizational problems, with HR managers and staff on the front line coping with the exploding demand for user support. HRIS governance can have a significant impact on HRIS adoption as well, so the senior management must be involved and managers must accept new roles in HRIS projects.

Adoption is synonymous with “choosing something”, in our case an HRIS for regular use. However, we note some variations in the definition of adoption among the professionals we interviewed for this report.

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