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Building a return-to-work strategy using employee feedback

HR has been at the centre of the action during this latest crisis


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Unleash Your Employee Engagement What has the global pandemic revealed to us about our organizations and how will listening to employee feedback help shape our future plans? 

  • Employees’ needs are complex; they have shifted at each stage of the pandemic and according to their personal circumstances.
  • We’ve seen three distinct phases of activity from HR leaders for their employees: Evolve, Adapt, Respond.
  • So, how can I build a return-to-work strategy using employee feedback?

Download Peachy Mondays Report – Employee listening: it’s not just
for the tough times

Businesses and organizations around the world have had to adapt their operational models in response to the global pandemic. Leaders are now faced with another challenge: how to turn what was intended to be a short-term fix into a long-term, sustainable way of doing business. 

HR has been at the center of the action during this latest crisis and one of the many challenges has been to ensure that employees feel supported, connected, and have the necessary tools to do their work remotely.  

In this report, Peachy Mondays explore the ways in which HR has responded to the crisis, along with key questions HR leaders must ask to help their organizations move forward. They show how employee feedback has been transformative for one particular HR leader, and why continuous employee listening is essential in today’s fast-changing world. 

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