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How smart companies can lead an ethical revolution

Driving integrity into the culture of your business.

Katee Van Horn, Rob Chesnut



Unleash Your Integrity EXCLUSIVE interview with Rob Chesnut, Former Chief Ethics Officer from Airbnb.

  • Former Chief Ethics Officer at Airbnb, Rob Chesnut has an exclusive interview with Katee Van Horn, VH Included Consulting and Coaching for UNLEASH.
  • They discuss Rob’s career experiences, as well as the contents of his new book: “Intentional Integrity: How smart companies can lead an ethical revolution”.
  • Rob suggests that preparation for an ‘integrity moment’ is fundamental to achieving a workplace where its employees are proud of its ethics and culture.

If ethics and integrity at work interests you, we are excited to be able to share an excerpt from the book “Intentional Integrity: How smart companies can lead an ethical revolution” by Rob Chesnut here: Leading an ethical revolution with Airbnb.

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Rob Chesnut, Chief Ethics Officer and Author of “Intentional Integrity,” shares how to create a culture of integrity in the workplace to protect employees from ethical lapses and energize them to lead with values. With humor and passion, Chesnut addresses shifting cultural norms, creating shared ethics and values in diverse and global workplaces, and deal with the aftermath of an integrity lapse.

For two decades he has helped companies develop strategies to drive integrity into their culture. A former Federal Prosecutor who prosecuted spy Aldridge Ames, he founded the Trust and Safety Department for eBay and the training program “Integrity Belongs Here” for Airbnb.

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