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Product Spotlight

Cronofy Interview Scheduling

Meet Cronofy, new HR tech focusing on interview scheduling for companies of all sizes.


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Unleash Your Tech Knowledge Simplifying interview scheduling for candidates and hiring teams is top of mind for most recruiting leaders.

  • Cronofy applies lessons learned with integrated scheduling workflows to recruiting.
  • The product supports companies of all sizes and even some of the most complex workflows.
  • Cronofy works via the browser, in a stand alone product, and via application programming interface (API) with productivity, recruiting, and other apps.

UNLEASH Product Spotlights look at products across the HR technology spectrum and are based on our research and member input. Today, we look at interview scheduling and Cronofy’s cloud-based Interview Scheduling product.

The approach we’ve taken with the scheduler is really everything we’ve learned from working with some integrated scheduling and all sorts of workflows. how do you set that up in such a way that it becomes really low touch for the person to personalize the link? So in this case, the recruiter.

Adam Bird, Cronofy CEO and Co-founder

The struggle is real when it comes to interview scheduling. When a candidate enters the hiring process, they and the hiring team hope for a good overall experience. It’s now recruiting canon that candidate experience can be the difference between one candidate’s sentiment for your offer while it can also significantly impact your employer brand positively or negatively. Regardless of the global economic climate and condition of the job market, candidate experience is paramount.

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Even with years of research and employer focus, the candidate experience remains a challenge. The Talent Board employer research on candidate experience found that candidate resentment has increased by 40% in North America and by 25% in EMEA. Scheduling was cited as a critical focus area of employers in 2020 for process and technology improvements. However, this isn’t new. Scheduling has long been a challenge, and its complexity can be vastly underrated.

Our research shows that employers are looking to technology to help automate critical aspects of the recruiting process, with over 55% stating process efficiency as their top goal. In the same research, interview scheduling was listed as one of the top two priorities for the current recruiting technology spend, even during this COVID-19 crisis.

There’s good news for recruiting teams thinking about automating interview scheduling in companies of all sizes. The ability to integrate into office productivity suites, calendars, and recruiting tech platforms has dramatically improved with the emergence and adoption of application programming interfaces (APIs).

We’ve used simple calendaring applications in our personal lives or for one-on-one meetings at work. The evolution of the API has empowered tech innovators to bring these types of solutions to the enterprise.

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Cronofy offers recruiters and teams the ability to seamlessly schedule interviews whether one-on-one, in series, or leveraging team and resource availability across sliding schedule availability. Their sophisticated API business established in 2014, offers a range of scheduling and calendar products.  Recruiting technologies like Symphony Talent, HIRED, and Personio all provide scheduling capabilities via Cronofy’s integrations.

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Their latest tool, the Cronofy Scheduler, which is powered by its API technology, gives users the ability to create personalized booking links from a browser or dashboard, and leveraging its scheduling tool can integrate into even some of the most challenging interview formats. Even the dreaded “interview panel.”.

Everyone involved in the hiring process can have different rules around scheduling. So maybe one of the people wants a half hour buffer time between these appointments. You have people in different time zones as well, and they have different working hours, even different working hours for different types of interviews. We’ve spent the last few years working with the greatest and best of the ATS world and understanding what their clients need.

Adam Bird, Cronofy CEO and Co-founder

This off-the-shelf tool has been designed with interview scheduling in mind, and integrates seamlessly with both Gmail and Outlook, as well as offering a browser extension for scheduling whereever you are on the web. Fully customizable to suit your individual scheduling preferences, the tool offers a considerate experience for candidates who can select interview slots to suit them from a pre-personalized invite – based on the real-time availability of a single or multiple interviewers.

Whether you’re a recruiting team of one, hundreds, or thousands and supporting an employer of any size, Cronofy should get a serious look if you’re aiming to improve both the candidate and recruiter experiences. Learn more here.

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