Do you have a solution to
improve the work place?

Calling all HR Tech startups, innovators, disruptors, and up-and-comers: however your company identifies, you have a place at UNLEASH. Our Startup Ecosystem—consisting of exciting startups, industry experts, dedicated media and active investors—is an essential part of the global UNLEASH community. At our core, we’re here to help you scale your business by providing you with what you need: visibility and opportunities to showcase your unique product, and access to industry thought leaders, investors, international enterprise HR decision makers, and potential partners!

Over the years we’ve given nearly 200 startups the opportunity to present their product. Most have had remarkable success, shown also by the overall investment of over €1bn they’ve raised so far. Nearly half of our Startups have returned to our shows and many have even grown to be today’s major sponsors, giving back to the community by supporting the next generation of HR founders.

NEW: We also conduct a separate investor speed-dating for teams actively fundraising and all startup exhibitors are invited to participate.


The award competition is held on the startup stage right in the middle of our expo floor to bring our competitors as much attention as possible! All exhibiting startups are invited to apply for the competition, and the 5 strongest will be selected by an objective expert jury to pitch during the show on stage. Additionally, we invite “wildcard” non-exhibitors to apply; one of these will be selected to join the competition. The prize is a gold-level sponsorship package, redeemable at any of our upcoming shows, alongside our media coverage and introductions to experts.

“ I wanted to update you on some progress that we’ve made with Tandem and thank you for the part HR Tech World played in that. We have secured our seed round investment of €2m and have attracted a really great team of advisors, mentors and Board members. We have the ex CEO of Twitter, the CEO of Britebill and some high profile investors joining us to help us on our journey ”



To apply, follow the link below and complete the registration form and we will be
in touch shortly to discuss it personally with you.