This is a guest post by Matias Rodsevich.

How well do you really know your employees’ concerns? Research conducted by Impraise discovered a wide gap when asking for feedback between managers and employees.


October 2015 – Managers that understand their employees’ needs and aspirations to improve, enjoy a more collaborative and engaging work environment. In light of recent Fortune 500 companies dropping performance reviews, Impraise, a web based and mobile solution to actionable and timely feedback at work, analyzed over 30,000 feedback interactions[1] among hundreds of managers and employees. Results turned out to be interesting.

The “Global analysis: How real-time feedback affects work performance and employee engagement” report found that employees to ask more about their interpersonal skills, such as listening (55%) and  leadership (15%), while managers are concerned about their productivity (42%) and presentation skills (85%). See detailed results here.

Employees engagement starts with leadership, and leadership starts with understanding your employees values and what do they care the most about. What is clear from this report is that employees emphasise interpersonal skills over any other skill. A deep understanding of this tendency could lead to a work culture that is innovative, self motivated and developing better overall team players.

“Since we launched Impraise we’ve seen hundreds of managers changing their way of communicating according to the real-time feedback they sought from their team. In the case of, managers developed a strong sense of listening to their people during 1-on-1s resulting in a significant increase in employee engagement.” Steffen Maier, Co-founder of Impraise.



impraise   Impraise is a web-based and mobile solution for actionable, timely feedback at work. It turns tedious annual performance reviews into an easy process by enabling users to give and receive valuable feedback in real-time and when it’s most helpful. With Impraise solution, employees can better analyze their strengths and learning opportunities, track their progress and pursue their personal and professional goals all year long. Based in San Francisco and Amsterdam Impraise is working with clients like, Flipboard, Atlassian and many more.


[1]This research is based on 106 managers and 201 employees that asked for feedback 2639 times in the last 8 months through Impraise. In total there were 32,978 feedback interactions in the analyzed companies