Returning to HR Tech World after their appearance at the London show in March is Sparkus, who are runners-up in the HR Tech World Startup Competition this time around. Sparkus are advocates of gamification, with their self-coaching and asynchronised coaching processes delivering coaching culture and services to a highly demanding generation Y. Dani Benreytan, Co-Founder of Sparkus, tells me their gamified self-coaching process jump-starts and facilitates the coaching conversation between managers, mentors, internal coaches and those being coached. In doing so Sparkus is said to scale the benefits of coaching with costs as low as 1/15 of traditional options and covers a range of HR’s coaching needs to enable full development of the workforce.

Sparkus, having started their global expansion, is joining us on the Startup Stage to showcase their technology to HR professionals who believe in sharing the benefits of coaching and mentoring to the masses. In their search for like-minded people, Sparkus will also be on the lookout for new potential visionary clients.

Dani tells me it was actually Sparkus’ time at HR Tech World in London that kick-started their expansion process, and the team has been busy. Sparkus has been helping people at the B2C level with over 30,000 subscribers and the team has expanded their platform to serve B2B too as a SaaS for corporate HR. Meanwhile they’ve also adapted Sparkus for modular development programs, post-assessment development planning and periodic performance feedback programs. Dani explains they have launched a mentor – mentee pairing algorithm and a platform for combining digital coaching with year-long leadership training too. So there will be lots to show us in Amsterdam!

In a market with many options for vendors, Sparkus remains compelling by putting human-centric design above all, as Dani explains. Sparkus’ main goal is to ‘spark’ employees’ inner motivation and help minimise mundane processes for HR to give them more time to focus on HR strategy. To do this Sparkus follows a five step implementation plan that starts with familiarising themselves with clients’ and end users’ needs, keeping Sparkus agile and flexible to allow for adjustments, and continues with testing and design, then finally Sparkus launches its program with clients and learns from user experience and develops while the program is online.

Far from limiting the use of Sparkus, Dani tells me they draw strength from their reliance on end user participation, with completion rates as high as 78%. The Sparkus methodology is to understand users’ agendas, knowing what’s in it for them, and how the programs will serve them in their career. Once they have the answers, the rest is a matter of designing and communicating the why, what and what of the coaching program.

Quick Reference

Based: Istanbul, Turkey
Key customers: Garanti Bank (BBVA Turkey), Baxalta – Shire, Nestlé, Philip Morris International, Coca-Cola Icecek, Aviva SA.
Target industries: Finance & Banking, Pharma, FMCG, Telecom
What function within HR is your product designed for: We are planning to add a Learning machine engine to diverse the individual

About Dani

Dani Benreytan is Design Officer and Co-Founder of Sparkus, creator of the online gamified tool & customization of products. Dani completed a Masters in Design at Domus Academy in Italy and has worked as a consultant on branding, product, service design and conceptual design. Dani handled long-term innovation and design strategy projects with numerous customers.

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Twitter: @insparkus