Startup RoboRecruiter is connecting clients and candidates through the power of conversation with automated chatbots that can be customized to intelligently reach out to candidates periodically. And that solution earned them the UNLEASH Startup Award in London this week.

Founded in 2017 by a team of successful staffing professionals, RoboRecruiter has its global headquarters in San Francisco and European headquarters in London. They offer products that help companies refresh their existing candidate database by reaching out via email and SMS to collect updated contact and other vital information. Once a database has been cleansed, the RoboRecruiter tools keep candidates engaged through automated interaction.

We chatted with Martyn Redstone, RoboRecruiter’s sales director for the UK and Europe, during the startup showcase at UNLEASH London.

What does RoboRecruiter do?

RoboRecruiter is automated messaging via a chatbox platform. We like to say that we make hiring more human. We help recruiters with the heavy lifting of everything they’re doing today. So imagine this conversation that a recruiter has that’s quite boring, mundane and repetitive. We can help by automating this conversation. So majority of the time, we help clients with the engagement of their current campaign database. We allow recruiters to evolve their database from a basic storage of candidates into something that is more intelligent, more active and more engaged. And we do that on a daily basis across the world in lots of different languages because our platform is multilingual. It only takes a matter of minutes to launch a new campaign of actual candidates.

What part of the market are you targeting?

We went across the spectrum. We work with SMB and Enterprise in both the corporate and agency side of things. Our solutions seem to fit in a variety of different areas.

Think back to your first job. What’s the biggest difference between that job and the modern workplace?

When I first started, my first ever job I was an assistant to a chef in a hotel in Manchester, England. And in those days you didn’t have the same pre-employment checks. You didn’t have the same issues around health and safety. The workplace was such a different place. And it wasn’t that long ago — maybe 20 years ago. But the workplace was such a totally different place with totally different personalities than today.

I’ve certainly seen a change in workplace attitudes as we’ve moved toward having more people in the workplace from the millennial generation. I think that’s a good thing. I think the new generation of workers bring about totally different aspects to the world of work. And work now days is a lot more flexible, much more relaxed and not as stuffy as it used to be 20 years ago.

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