Compliance is often a topic of discussion for many of our customers, but one compliance item that hasn’t quite made it onto everyone’s radar just yet is The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) –  a major piece of legislation out of the European Union (EU) that could severely impact your recruiting efforts whether your organization is based in the U.S. or abroad.


If that doesn’t get your attention, then let’s talk penalties for non-compliance — organizations that fail to comply with the GDPR will be facing severe fines – to the tune of $20-million or 4% of worldwide revenue. That’s going to hurt, and if you think they won’t be looking for a poster child of non-compliance, you’re wrong.


While the GDPR technically requires organizations be compliant today, penalties are suspended to allow for the complexity of this transition. GDPR enforcement won’t start for another 345-some days, according to the official GDPR website countdown So, the good news is you have some time, but the clock IS ticking.


The GDPR is, perhaps, the most expansive privacy legislation to date, significantly enhancing data privacy rights for individuals, while placing obligations of transparency, accountability, and fairness, on almost every company in every industry that relies on the use personal data for conducting business (with some exceptions). This means, for example, companies engaged in Marketing, Social Technologies, Professional Services, and (you’ve guessed it) Recruiting, among other areas, are likely subject to this legislation.


At SmartRecruiters, we take privacy and security seriously — so we’re constantly monitoring legislative changes on a global scale to provide a better service and, ultimately, a better recruiting software that helps enable our customers to be compliant. In fact, the team at SmartRecruiters has been monitoring legislative efforts on GDPR for the past two years. Rest assured, it’s been on our radar for quite some time and we’re pleased to share that this legislation is just one component of our holistic approach to data privacy, whereas we incorporate the principle of privacy by design (PbD) at critical stages of product development – from planning, to design, throughout development, and delivery.  


Because SmartRecruiters supports customers with global operations, both in the U.S. and abroad, we are extremely sensitive to protecting the incredible amount of data that is generated from your hiring activities. To that end, we’ve prepared a guide to the GDPR that provides insights for taking a proactive look at data privacy as it relates to your recruitment activities.


SmartRecruiters is proud to serve as your partner for data privacy while delivering value to your hiring teams through recruitment innovation. We look forward to sharing much more about our upcoming functionality and enhancements – part of our future releases designed to offer additional support in your journey to compliance.


About the Author


As Sr. Manager of Solutions Engagement, Jennifer Goode serves as an integral member of the SmartRecruiters Pre-sales and Customer Success Teams. Jennifer creates engaging content and provides strategic direction for sales and pre-sales enablement, compliance documentation, and advances customer relations. Previously, Jennifer worked for a Systems Integrator where she managed government affairs and public relations and directed a government-focused proposal department.