Earlier this year, in February — at a Think Tank by Adobe — I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with some amazing and talented people who ponder the future of work, day in and day out. We discussed how government, data science, transportation, and people’s motivation to work will all undergo a massive shift over the next 5, 10 and 20 years – and employees and employers will need to embrace what’s coming to be successful. Here are my top five takeaways from our discussion. Watch the videos below to find your own!


1) Job descriptions need reimagining


  • Job descriptions today are too prescriptive and rigid. Frankly, they are boring and leave nothing to the imagination.
  • Expect that “JDs” of the future will be minimalistic – 50% will leverage your master craft and 50% will be left open to deployability, where “company needs” meet “choose your own adventure.”
  • People who accelerate in their careers will have deployability. They’re armed with their super skills, yet will be ready to adapt and deploy anywhere the business needs their expertise.


2) Artists and imagineers will be in demand


  • The world needs more artists.
  • The best engineers are artists in their field.
  • They’re able to imagine experiences before anyone else can, see beyond the obvious, bring ideas to life and create delightful realities.
  • Employers need to value and reward creativity.


3) The best way to take control of your career is to write your future resume


  • Look 10 years out into your future and envision your dream career. Then, put it all on paper.
  • Now, map your journey to your dream career. Start building up your super skills one step at a time and take micro career moves along the way.
  • Don’t let your future happen to you. Take control and make your future happen.
  • Your future is built everyday so invest in yourself. Re-tool and re-skill.


4) Motivation to work is changing from paycheck to impact


  • How we value work and think of work will change.
  • Great employees live to make a dent in the world. They’re motivated by meaningful work, the ability to make an impact and continuous learning.
  • According to our Work in Progress survey, many workers even pick up a second job for the sole purpose of pursuing a passion.


5) The perk of the future is time


  • Companies who attract talent with a “perk paradise” model – laundry, ping pong tables, etc.– won’t cut it anymore. We’ve reached a saturation point.
  • What employees will increasingly look for is time. That’s the perk of the future. Employees are motivated to do their best work as efficiently as possible so they have time to immerse themselves in other meaningful life experiences – family, friends, travel.
  • Employees are really looking for benefits that support signature moments – enhanced leave, bereavement support, fertility benefits, educational assistance, adoption benefits, re-integration or “welcome back” initiatives when an employee returns. The benefits that a company offers send signals that people are at the core of the business.


Check out the videos below for many more insights about where the future of work will take us!


Learn more: adobe.ly/FOW2


Full livestream: https://youtu.be/v0WejbNgjYg



About the Author 


Identifying, developing and accelerating exceptional talent for scale is what fuels Jeff Vijungco, vice president of talent, technology, and insights at Adobe. With more than 20 years of experience in HR and hiring across continents, Jeff was instrumental in driving a holistic approach towards to all things talent—selection, development, and technology and insights—by bringing these functions together at Adobe.


Jeff firmly believes that a learn-it-all mindset, keen self-awareness, and customer obsession are characteristics that differentiate good talent from exceptional talent. Today, he leads a team that hires about 1,000 new employees per quarter and a team that develops more than 16,000 employees daily at all levels from summer interns to senior leaders. His team also manages people technology and analytics to deliver insights that drive employee engagement and retention strategies.


Jeff speaks regularly at universities in Silicon Valley and consults Fortune 1,000 customers on Talent Management. He is a graduate of the University of San Diego.



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