Every company starts out small. Fast-growing companies face the challenge of scaling their culture alongside their growth. While it can certainly attract talent, fast growth can also signify instability making it difficult to attract top talent.

As cliche as the term is, the war for talent is hotter than ever. Many organizations, especially startups and technology firms, are constantly seeking to attract qualified and motivated candidates to join their teams. As the job market continues to be competitive, they must continue or, if they haven’t started to already, get more creative with their tactics.

So, how do we keep attracting candidates when companies are experiencing growing pains?

Recruiting reporting for leadership

A perfect example is how Hootsuite built a new recruiting report for leadership. In an HROS case study, Hootsuite talks about how increasingly difficult it was to keep their leadership team up to date with their global talent acquisition efforts. After conducting an analysis with their business leaders to better understand what they were looking for, they built a visually appealing executive recruiting report that included recruiting metrics from their ATS, hiring goals, career site web traffic and conversion rates alongside using Google forms to create candidate experience and recruiter surveys. By doing this, Hootsuite’s leadership team was able to have additional visibility into their global recruiting efforts.

Recruiting-first culture

The typically reserved for closed-door meetings is a way of the past. If an organization is not sharing their goals and providing their teams updates on how things are going, how would you expect your employees to buy in? Take Lever for example. They use a term called “meta.” A definition from Google reads: “A term, especially in art, used to characterize something that is characteristically self-referential.” For Lever, this is people. New employees are invited to shadow the recruiting team to gain a better understanding of how they work in action. This means they have complete visibility in interviews being scheduled, screening resumes or even sending sourcing emails. Having a recruiting-first culture certainly, allows for the entire company to participate in helping build out teams.


Organizations who have monthly company gatherings where they are able to discuss week’s events, employee accomplishments, industry events and upcoming company ideas is also a great way to keep everybody up to speed. What gets employees to attend these meetings? How about some pagotinia? What can be better than a delicious little ice cream cone on a hot Friday afternoon while giving out Kudos to your teammates? Agile Actors coined these Friday meetings “Kudos” because of their passion for Jurgen Appelo’s organizational agility. They enjoy a pagotini while giving a Kudos, or a “praise and honor received for an achievement.” The perfect way to end the week.

In summary, there isn’t a magic wand that you can wave and create an outstanding company culture. But how awesome would that be? It also doesn’t happen overnight. However, there are many things you can do to get started. Aside from the few examples from above, align your employees with your organization’s vision mission, and values. Motivate your employees to be advocates for your employer brand. Remember, culture attracts new talent when your employees are sharing their experiences with others. Interested in some more ideas? Let’s discuss in the comments.