Recently, I met Jerome Ternynck Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters, one of the fastest growing startups in the HR & recruitment technology world. SmartRecruiters is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is almost 10 years since we first connected, back in a time where he had created eRecruiting pioneer Mr Ted (now part of Lumesse) and it’s really over the last 5 years that I have gotten to know Jerome and the team well.



My interview takes us inside SmartRecruiters headquarters in the San Francisco Bay Area and takes a look at where it all started, the journey, the vision and purpose of the company and a look at how SmartRecruiters are continuing to disrupt the recruiting industry. 5 years ago when we first started HR Tech – integration was one of the biggest pains faced by our global customers, a close second was “the ATS that didn’t work”.


Who? Jerome Terncynk is an entrepreneur with his heart in recruiting and soul in technology. His goal is to bring the economy to its full potential by removing friction in the labor market, giving businesses access to the talent they need to succeed and helping people find a job they love. He has a string of successful companies (Mr Ted, Accord Group to his name in the recruitment sector and viewed globally as a pioneer in the Recruitment Industry.. Additionally, Jerome is one of our best ambassadors and mentors to our startup exhibition and competitions since 2011.


Why and what? SmartRecruiters believes that hiring is success. Their mission is to connect people to jobs at scale. The SmartRecruiters Talent Acquisition Suite includes ATS & CRM in one enterprise grade platform. It replaces the outdated Applicant Tracking systems to help enterprises make recruiting a competitive advantage


Its differentiation comes from 3 core areas:


  1. Offering an amazing Candidate Experience across all channels
  2. The first recruitment software that Hiring Managers love using
  3. Make Recruiters productive with 1 platform with all data, processes and suppliers

Some companies think of recruiting as an HR Workflow, SmartRecruiters customers see it as core function, a strategic differentiator. Because ultimately, you are who you hire.


Recent News? SmartRecruiters acquired a Berlin-Based data science startup in January, a clear sign that AI / Data science is core to their mission to connect people to jobs.

They grew 150% in 2016 and booked more deals in Q4 16 than in 2015


  • SmartRecruiters now have 170 people, with offices in San Francisco, London, Paris, Krakow and Berlin.
  • In the last 6 months, SmartRecruiters landed over 100 new customers including a 25,000 employee packaging company, a 45,000 employee metal company, a 170,000 employee retailer and 380,000 employee manufacturing conglomerate.


Looking around the web, it looks like: Visa’s new career page is powered by Smartrecruiters, so is Bosch in China.


Conclusion? Has the ATS Replacement cycle started? For all the companies who have been waiting to replace their outdated ATS, it seems that there now may be an alternative.


Special thanks to the SmartRecruiters team for their very kind hospitality and allowing us to see where the recruitment magic happens. Marc.