Modern forms of communication have changed HR. In the past, HR departments were relying on face-to-face contact, phone calls and faxing. Even though these forms of communication are used today too, there are few other popular methods like text messaging, emails and social media interactions.


HR email communication is one of the oldest types of digital communication. Although some experts suggest that the days of email communication, especially in HR departments, are coming to an end, most experts agree that this is not true. However, in order to get the most from it, you will need to focus on certain things that can improve your HR email communication.


  1. Pay attention to the subject lines


It turns out that the subject line can be very important for overall HR email communication even though we are usually talking about just a few words. Look at subject lines as headlines. This means that it should highlight the issues covered in the body of the message. Obviously, using an irrelevant and long subject line is not an option. “New Rules in the HR department” is something that everyone would want to read. On the other hand, a subject line like “News related to the business” will probably be skipped by many and even redirected to the spam folder.


  1. Be concise and not too formal


HR email communication should be free of jargon language and acronyms that are not known well. In other words, in order to improve this type of communication, you should use clear and concise language and try to make the content engaging. This is a nice opportunity to display your personality too. There is no doubt that HR email communication should be formal, but not too formal because it will look unnatural and it won’t be received well by the readers.


  1. Send the exact information you have to


In many cases, HR email communication must be quick. So, we are not talking about daily, but hourly communication. However, this doesn’t mean that you should send emails without a meaning in order to show that you are present. In case there is no new information and something useful, there is no need for updates. In addition, send the exact information you have to only to specific recipients who are concerned, not the whole company and not the whole department.


  1. Add humor, but be careful


There are times when adding humor in HR email communication is allowed and even recommended. Typically, adding a touch of humor is suitable after a job well done. However, we should not forget that people have different perception about what’s funny and what’s not. In order to stay away from this problem, stick to plain, simple, correct humor.


  1. Don’t avoid bad news


HR emails are not always related to promotions, party invitations, and other pleasant things. Sadly, there are times when they are used to share some bad news. In case you are facing a situation like this – get straight to the point and tell the things as they are. Provide the necessary information and don’t try to make it like it’s all good. If you do something like this, you will just make the communication worse because you will need to send follow-up emails.


  1. Include visual content to make a more powerful point


Email communication is mostly textual, but this doesn’t mean that you should avoid visual elements. In fact, it is recommended to use visual content like infographics, videos, and images to support your email message. In this way, you will be able to enhance HR email communication because the points you are making will be presented in a simple and more engaging way.


  1. Use other means of communication in addition


Don’t forget that emails could be ignored because people receive many of them throughout the day. Additionally, remember that sometimes people need to receive the message in different forms and more than once in order to act. So, besides sending emails, you should also rely on other forms of communication. Improve your HR email communication by requesting phone calls or scheduling meetings with the help of your messages.


  1. Avoid needless questions


HR email communication often includes series of email messages and replies. So, before sending an email, take some time to read the previous messages that you have sent and received from the recipient or recipients. There is no need to explain how bad it looks when you are asking questions in your email that have been answered before. This is a simple way to ruin your HR email communication and your reputation too.


  1. Read before sending


While it is true that HR email communication is popular because it allows quick communication, it is also true that reading your message before sending it is a good practice even though this activity will take some of your time. First of all, let’s say that this is a quick process so you don’t really have to worry about the efficiency of email communication. Next, proofreading can help you with many potential problems. If there are mistakes in your email message, you will look unprofessional and in some situations, these mistakes can create confusion.


Hope that this article has helped you understand the important of HR email communication and how to improve it with the help of a few simple tips.


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