On a mission to reshape the future of HR, Zyvo offers a range of personality and neuro-assessments to predict employee performance, and combines them with machine learning and companies’ data to predict business outcomes.

Lamin Kinteh, founder of Zyvo, a HR Tech World Startup Competition runner up, tells me exceeding expectations is the foundation to building their business and remains at the core of what they do. Zyvo achieves this with its sleek and simple designs. Details are what make the difference between good and great, as Lamin explains, and Zyvo focuses on that to constantly grow and expand themselves, as well as their clients. Zyvo offers 360? feedback, competency assessments, personality assessments, pre-screening assessments, team development assessments, neuroscience games to measure cognitive abilities and personality traits and predictive HR-analytics. Zyvo suggests it’s a way for HR to directly contribute to the bottom-line of a company.

By their nature, it can be difficult for startups to get the exposure they need to develop and grow their businesses. Zyvo is therefore taking full advantage of the opportunity to be on the Startup Stage at HR Tech World in Amsterdam. Whether it’s potential clients considering or starting down the path of Predictive Analytics in HR, or vendors looking for partners with whom they can integrate solutions, Zyvo is keen to get out there and meet HR professionals at HR Tech World.

As a hot trend, the market is very crowded and solutions need to specialise to differentiate themselves. Lamin tells me Zyvo does this through a range of content including online assessment, candidate matching, psychometric personality surveys and neuro assessments. Zyvo has a strong focus on measuring, analysing and predicting job performance with their algorithms predicting job performance with an average precision of 75%.

The HR Tech World Startup Competition is home to innovation, and Zyvo is an embodiment of that. When asked about innovation Lamin shared that, to Zyvo, innovation comes about by continually improving how they measure, analyse and develop their algorithms and visualise it all. In working with two universities Zyvo ensures they keep up with the latest developments in psychometrics and machine learning.

Quick Reference

Based: Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Key customers: ABN AMRO, KPMG,  EY, Baker Tilly,  BDO, Crowe Horwath, Surinam Aiways
Target industries: Sectors with high turnover, like retail, call enters, hospitality. On the other hand at this moment we are quite active in the accountancy sector through one of our distributors. Basically, our solution is not sector specific.
What function within HR is your product designed for: Recruitment, HR-analytics, Talent Management, Succession Planning

About Lamin

Lamin Kinteh is the founder of Zyvo and a psychometrics and machine learning enthusiast. Lamin brings more than 17 years of experience in HR, having started his career at PWC. Prior to Zyvo, Lamin was responsible for ASSESS Systems Netherlands.

For more information

Website: www.zyvo.nl
Email: lamin@zyvo.nl
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/15177506/