HR Tech World is the fastest growing HR Show for decision makers and the largest face-to-face community in the World. Delegations attending the shows are hungry for software, solutions, services and inspired learning. In 5 years, HR Tech World will have gone from 400 enterprise leaders to as many as 10,000 attending our 3 main shows this year.


Next month in San Francisco, the show will gather disruptHR’s and doers to talk about ideas on how to transform their organization’s for the better and identify the technologies and ways to apply them that will have the greatest potential impact and value.


The area surrounding San Francisco Bay is arguably the world’s supreme entrepreneurial hotspot, generating a seemingly endless supply of new technologies, new companies, people-to-people networks, new ideas and diversity and more than half of its innovators are foreign-born.

Each year, I have travelled to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley to learn how US innovation giants are about to take over our world, and this year we decided to reciprocate on how our foundations were built by bringing HR Tech World to San Francisco. Many in HR realize how sensitive all business models are to big data and/or AI, and that we inhabit a workplace world where customers and employees are empowered like never before.  At the same time the gig economy threatens to erode the very fiber of average to minimal living standards such as healthcare, access to finance, pensions, work-life balance or life of work balance, etc.


The new digital economy is busy destroying existing legacy business-economic models, sales-and marketing, technical and strategic models, human resources, supply chain and financial rules. New-age companies are a 100 times better at eliminating customer friction and 100 times better at creating an unforgettable experience for the customer. And they are better at harnessing the power of digital networks. They play the same little game, but with completely different rules.


That is why we have involved entrepreneurs, investors, and importantly, hands on CEO’s like Gary Vaynerchuk and Peter Hinssen who are plugged into this world, from the giants to the companies you haven’t heard of yet. Importantly for our community they are passionate about the future of work and HR and arguably the best orators from both sides of the pond on this new normal we are all discovering. This 4th Industrial Revolution is an industrial revolution different to all others because of the pace of the convergence of technologies, and the disruption it is causing around the globe has made many in HR skeptical of a jobless future. However not enough bandwidth has gone into how just how much disruptive the impact of convergence technologies will be for all job functions and industries.


The Format?


To maximize our unique location the show has been designed to be over 3 days. To warm things up there are leadership pre-events on what we call Day Zero at Fort Mason’s coolest hangouts – The General’s Residence and Gallary 308.

Crowd favorite and one of our most loved disruptors – Jason Averbook – will moderate an exclusive workshop on the Consumerisation of Work. Delegates will leave gifted with the tools and techniques needed to help build a C21st Digital HR Strategy, how to design the optimal workforce experience, and practical guidance on which tools will best help you in marketing and telling the story. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to join Jason for this exclusive workshop.


From our inception in 2011 “Unleash Your People!” has been our motto, and San Francisco is exactly the place to launch our UNLEASH brand. UNLEASH will be hosted at the General’s Residence which overlooks Fort Mason and the entire Bay Area. The purpose of UNLEASH is to explore how to really unleash the power of people inside organizations – we will bring together Global Talent and Recruitment Leaders on one side of the residence, and on the other the startup CEO’s, entrepreneurs, investors and the independents driving this industry.


Conference & Expo


The exhibition is fully sold out – it’s where you will find a carefully selected group of +50 Software and Service providers who collectively provide 1000’s of solutions. Fort Mason provides that perfect rustic and industrial feel to showcase the world’s best technology available in HR, Payroll, Recruitment, Learning, A.I., Services and more.


The ambition is to create something special and become the most forward-looking show in the world, helping unlock the future of work, economy and digitization. The driving force behind HR Tech World is to look at what’s working aka opportunity and success, what’s not a.k.a. threat and risk, and importantly for everyone who has ever been to an HR Tech World show – vision, inspiration and ideas for where people and organisations are headed.

Year on year we are proud and delighted at how we have accomplished major success, evolution and transformation with our long-standing sponsors and partners such as SAP SuccessFactors, Workday, CrossKnowledge, IBM, NGA HR, SmartRecruiters,  Avature, ADP and more.


Of course none of this is as easy as it seems and we have challenges to face along the way … but what we do know is this; that people who attend our shows tell us they are the best thing they have ever been to. Thanks for reading and sharing. See you in San Francisco! Marc.


p.s. If you would like to attend, invest, speak, sponsor, etc please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you are unlucky to never have been to at HR Tech World before, enjoy the following video to get a sense of what to expect.