Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Yohan Ruso, Founder & CEO, Praditus, a people science platform that helps #HR professionals partner with their employees.

FAYE:  Who are Praditus and what do you do?

YOHAN:  Praditus is a people science platform that helps HR professionals partner with their employees to create strong, stable relationships, and highlights opportunities to develop talent internally. Stability, productivity and higher employee engagement are the result.

We help companies develop employees’ potential by offering them professional-grade, full picture assessments, individual development plans, algorithmically tailored resources and intelligent analytics — all on one simple and easy-to-use platform.

FAYE:  You took part in #disruptHRTech in 2015 and are back again this spring – what did you learn from last year and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation in London?

YOHAN:   Last year’s conference has been a valuable learning experience and served as a great opportunity to test our value proposition. We have discovered that more and more HR players are not only aware that the employee engagement is NOT a top-down approach, but also that they’re committed to investing in their employees’ future and are actively looking for the tools that will help them make employees feel valued, recognized and more self-aware. The countless conversations and feedback we have received during disruptHRTech in Paris, have helped us refine our positioning and make it more relevant to the market’s needs.

This year in London, we’re hoping to raise awareness about the future of employee engagement and get organisations booked on the free demo of our platform.

FAYE:  After 1 year of B2C focus, you were last August planning to start addressing HR departments. Can you explain to me how this came about and where you are up to with this alternative approach?

YOHAN:   From the very beginning, Praditus has been created with individuals in mind. In a world of increasing flux and uncertainty, we wanted to provide self-awareness, clarity and insight to all people seeking to live in greater alignment with their skills, passions, values and attributes. This included students who wanted to pursue fulfilling careers aligned with their values, entrepreneurs who wanted to boost their chances of success in new ventures and people at a career crossroads.

Soon after we launched our B2C tool, we realized that we can have even greater impact if we turn Praditus into a catalyst to bring together HR professionals and employees, giving employees a sense they’re being actively nurtured and developed and by putting HR professionals back into the position of guide and mentor – the role they originally envisioned themselves in when they made employee development their career.

FAYE:  Talk me through how Praditus would work for a HR manager?

YOHAN: Praditus helps HR managers gain better understanding of their organization as a whole and their people on the individual level. Our advanced reporting tools and intelligent analytics give an objective insight into how your talent aligns with your company’s needs and how you can optimize your team composition for the best results. Most of all, Praditus allows you to be proactive, instead of reactive in your decision making.

FAYE:  How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

YOHAN:  We designed Praditus for real results, but also for real people. What makes us different is that we are the only people science platform that is scientific but fun and accessible at the same time. There are no acronyms or scientific bafflegab. Each of our tests takes on average 6-8 minutes to complete, the feedback is immediate and easy to take action on. Our assessment modules measure over 50 personality traits but also employee’s values, aspirations, skills, empathy level, preferred stress coping strategies and affinity for work environment. We create employee’s big picture that translates into 30 behavioural competencies and deep, well-rounded insights for the HR professionals.

FAYE:  What are your plans for expansion?

YOHAN:  After a strong start in France, our primary focus this year is the fast-growing UK and North American markets, where the issue of engagement and employee retention has become a top-priority for most HR players. A few months ago we started offering our solution in the United States and we’re really pleased to see how forward-thinking and technologically savvy HR clients from these markets are.

FAYE:  Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

YOHAN:  Client success is at the heart of everything we do at Praditus. From onboarding, training, and ongoing support, we assist our clients throughout their lifecycle, helping them to unlock the most value from our platform.

We take pride in the fact that Praditus has its own in-house research team, including psychometric and skills management PhD’s and affiliated members of the International Test Commission (ITC), the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Academy of Management, as well as 4 engineers, including 1 data scientist.


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