This is the second part of our disruptHR series by Faye Holland, disruptHR lead blogger

Faye interviews Hany Nabil, Head of Performly. To find out more about how they are transforming outdated performance management.

FAYE: Hi Hany, why don’t you give me the quick elevator pitch on Performly and problem you are solving?

Hany: Performly is a Talent Management cloud based solution. Our aim is transforming outdated Performance Management practices to new, engaging and ongoing processes. Perfomly transforms the organizations’ human capital into highly engaged and productive talent while ensuring alignment with organizational vision, mission and values. Performly provides many cutting-edge features for organizations to unleash their human capital potential with practical coaching, developing, monitoring, communication and evaluation tools through a user friendly and social interface.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHR this year and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

Hany: We want to “Go Global” and introduce Performly to the world as a product that can transform their workplace productivity and engagement using our web-based and Mobile app. We know that HR Tech World Congress is the hub of HR technology in the world and a great place to expand our reach.

FAYE: What makes your product unique?

Hany: User friendly – Trending – social Interface – Mobile app

FAYE: How do you differentiate yourself in what is becoming an increasingly busy performance management market?

Hany: In 3 ways: –

  1. Our modern and social interface that is easy to use
  2. Multiple integrated features besides Performance Management such as Recognition, Tasks,  and Meetings Management that can be linked to user goals, and
  3. Having our platform fully customized according to each organization needs.

FAYE: Why should HR take an interest in your product or service?

Hany: It’s based on the most recent trends and best practices of Performance Management software that facilitates all Performance Management functions in a user friendly and social like interface

FAYE: How does your solution help to navigate the multi-generational issue?

Hany: Performly’s customized platform keeps the traditional ways of doing and communicating things yet it has the most recent trends in its field, so different generations can be connected in one place with different styles and ways to suit themselves.

Quick Reference

Company size: 7

Based: Cairo, Egypt

Key customers: Small – Med sized companies; Talent Management & HR positions

Target industries: FMCG; Pharmaceutical; Banking; Telecommunication

What function within HR is your produce designed for: Talent Management; Learning & Development; Organization Development; Internal communication

About Hany

Hany has been in the field of HR and Training since 2008. Hany was part of companies in the FMCG and Telecommunication industry and is a certified SHL Assessor. Hany during his work in A15 as a Talent Management Manager worked with a group of Developers on developing “Performly” Software with a vision to Transform what Performance Management software can do to Organizations Performance.

For more information

Website: Performly

Email: Message Us

Facebook: Facebook Page

Twitter: @hanyacoub @PerformlyMENA

LinkedIn: Profile

Video: Videos

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