This is a guest post by MARKESS

Based on hundreds of interviews conducted each year among HR decision makers and HR solution and service providers, MARKESS, a top market research company in France analysing digital transformation, has identified the key market stakeholders among HR suppliers in France.

As digital transformation engaged by HR departments requires extended and innovative solutions beyond core HR competencies, traditional HR solution providers are challenged by new market entrants.

The mapping below positions vendors according to the business scope for their solutions (generic vendors who include HR solutions among their offerings vs HR dedicated vendors) and their range of HR offerings (global HR solutions vs niche solutions focusing on functionalities such as analytics, social or collaboration, …).HR solution vendors mapping

An abundance of providers in France stimulates the HR solution market and encourage partnerships and mergers to expand functionalities offered to HR managers hungry for digital transformation.

About the Author

MARKESS is a consultancy and marketing services company specialized in analyzing the impact of digital technology on the transformation and modernisation of organizations in France. MARKESS provides support for project managers to gain a better understanding of digital technology in order to take advantage of the latest developments and for suppliers, to allow them to draw up an optimal strategy to target these markets.