Commended as one of this year’s HR Tech World Startup Competition runners-up is Performetric, a real-time monitoring system that combats mental fatigue. Performetric uses non-invasive methods to develop an awareness of wellbeing that may improve employees’ quality of life, mental health, and individual performance. It does this through supporting better management of employees and their time at work, which in turn has a positive impact on organisational productivity and wellbeing as a whole. It works with the press of a button, literally.

Setting themselves the goal of being an affordable tool for any HR department, Performetric will be attending HR Tech World in Amsterdam to seek out the best specialists in their area and to generate both discussion and interest amongst the sector’s influencers. André Pimenta Ribeiro , CEO of Performetric, warns that issues of mental health, burnout and workforce planning will be an increasing trend in HR, where management will need to become people-oriented, and that’s where Performetric intends to help.

At the moment Performetric works by monitoring people’s activity at a keyboard by tracking the rate at which they type and move a computer mouse, but André tells me they want Performetric to be a solution for everyone. The team has ambitions to make Performetric available on tablets and smartphones too. Yet the question of feeling like ‘big brother’ is nothing new to Performetric. André explains that end users are the priority and for whom the application was designed in the first place. Performetric presents information in an aggregate and anonymous way to inform HR’s decision making and enable them to analyse the wellness of the workforce. But, of course, to help companies help their people, they’ll need access to specific data about individuals.

There are benefits to be had by both end users and companies in using Performetric, so André tells me and ensuring buy-in from everyone is crucial. End users see a direct affect from using Performetric in that they realise their behaviour and can consciously take steps to reduce fatigue through time and energy management, further improving wellness. Decision-makers are also enabled to measure, detect and prevent problems relating to fatigue and exhaustion too, through the means of the company. In improving the management of time and energy, companies also feel the additional benefit of boosting productivity.

Quick Reference

Based: Braga, Portugal
Key customers: Fujitsu, Hovione, Zennconnect
Target industries: Call Centers, HR/Wellness Departments, Military, eSports, education
What function within HR is your product designed for: HR management, Wellness department

About André

André Pimenta Ribeiro is the CEO of Performetric. He is a software engineer and researcher whose mission is to leverage technology in favour of man through the use of Artificial Intelligence. He obtained bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Informatics Engineering from the University of Minho.

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