Monday, December 11, 2017
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Andrew Marritt

Andrew combines a strong analytics background with deep domain knowledge about HR & workforce dynamics. With commercial analytics skills were developed from time in marketing and operations research he brings a fresh perspective to People Analytics challenges. In 2010, aware that the datafication that had transformed other functions such as marketing would do the same for HR, he founded OrganizationView, one of the earliest dedicated People Analytics firms. They continue to apply contemporary data science techniques to employee data working with leading global firms as well as other HR consultancies & technology firms. Andrew is equally comfortable discussing workforce strategies and decision making with executives as he is discussing machine learning algorithms with technologists. He has strong R programming skills, datavisualisation with Tableau, D3.js and ggplot2 and a good knowledge of the modern data scientists toolkit. Andrew is a frequent commentator, presenter, conference chair and educator in the field of People Analytics. He has been co-chair of Tucana's People Analytics conference since 2013 & chaired HR Tech Europe's inaugural 'Big Data' conference. He has presented at numerous conferences, both to HR and data science audiences. Andrew teaches and helps develop the CiPD's People Analytics syllabus as well as OrganizationView's People Analytics training program for senior HR audiences.

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