As written communications are essential in modern business, it is vital for all employees of accompany to have solid writing skills. This is especially important for a HR manager, who often acts as a representative of the company. Writing job adverts, or trying to poach excellent staff from competitors will be unsuccessful if the offers are poorly written. Not only will this reflect badly on the company and serve as a disincentive for ambitious applicants, but it will also impact the HR manager’s chances of promotion in the future. To be taken seriously, you need to be able to write well. While some people are born with a natural talent for writing, those who don’t find putting pen to paper easy can learn how to improve.


Why Should a HR Manager Improve Their Writing Skills?


  1. Writing is playing an increasing role in the work place

This is undeniable. People are less likely to pick up the phone when they can shoot an email. HR managers are likely to advertise a job online, and the best candidates won’t be clamouring to apply to poorly written job descriptions.


  1. Writing is Indispensable to 21st Century Business

For business to succeed, they need to remain abreast of modern technology. And it is a recognised truth that the more technology grows, the less we speak on the phone or face-to-face, and the more we type messages to each other. While this necessitates a good grasp of computer skills, it also means you need to be able to write well in order to be taken seriously in your business.


  1. To Increase Your Role in the Business

For a HR manager to advance, and gain more responsibility and promotions, you’ll need to show how competent you are. You’ll also be responsible for producing increasing amounts of materials that represent your business, whether they’re distributed internally or externally. Sending copies of information riddled with spelling mistakes or grammatical errors will put you last in line for promotions or raises.


  1. Acknowledge the Link with Professionalism

Whether we like it or not, whether it’s fair or not is irrelevant – we associate good writing with intelligence and professionalism. No matter how competent or capable somebody is, they will be presumed to be a sloppy and potentially unsatisfactory employee if they aren’t able to exhibit their skills when they put pen to paper. While their talent may be apparent if they’re closely watched, many businesses rely on written reports.


  1. Ensure Accuracy in Your Communications

When working in HR, it is important to get your point across thoroughly, and make sure you are completely understood. If you’re giving detailed instructions, it is natural to write them down, so people have a copy of the details that they can follow – leaving room for misunderstandings in your writing could have disastrous consequences, for you personally, and for the business as a whole. Avoid unnecessary mistakes by writing well.


How to Improve Writing Skills?


There are many ways to improve your written skills, and thanks to the abundance of online resources, many are completely free. They can help your writing in general, as well as give specific and focused advice relevant to what exactly you’re writing.


When it comes to the massively important texts that everyone does unfortunately have to produce from time to time, it can actually be better to outsource the task. Not everyone’s skillset lies in writing, but there are many professionals out there who can put your ideas into words. To improve your writing overall, there are several apps and websites that can monitor your language.


Making use of the available resources and tools online can be incredibly helpful, but you’ve got to know what needs you’re trying to meet for your business writing, and what tools are the best to achieve your goals. If you’re quite knowledgeable in the subject area, but not necessarily a grammar wiz, you’ll need help on the backend with fixing up and tweaking your content.


If you’ve got the passion and knowledge of the topic to do the writing yourself, that’s a great skill to have. Sometimes, however, you may not have the time to keep up with the amount of content you’ll need to create, especially when other areas of your job become overwhelming. In those cases, turning to a content creation service is a phenomenal option.


And, when you just want some extra help making sure everything is absolutely flawless, there are both automated checkers and live proofreading services available to help. Of course, as an HR Manager, you should always be presenting yourself as an absolute professional, with your business writing as a reflection of that. And, with the help of these tools, you can do just that.


  • Hemingway App will review your grammar and help you produce strong, clear, and precise work, free from unnecessary frills and long, rambling sentences.
  • Australian Help is a great resource for tips and tricks to get ahead in writing for different purposes.
  • Resumention which can be great to improve your own CV, or as a HR manager you may need to produce samples of a quality CV.
  • Easy Word Count helps out anyone looking to write a text of a certain length. You can add or remove paragraphs and adjectives and check your word count using this website.
  • Boomessays provides urgent writing, editing and proofreading assistance, for a quick turnaround in case of emergency.
  • Cite It In will monitor any references you have included to make sure everything has been properly cited, and there will be no confusion or accusations of plagiarism.
  • Pro-Writing Aid can review all of your writing and look for annoying aspects such as repetition, or clichés.
  • UK Writings hires professionals who can quickly review and edit your content and suggests possible changes.
  • Email Excellence which provides templates for emails, making sure anything you send to bosses, executives, or even staff as a whole is perfectly written.
  • Literature and Latte is also a great app that can edit your writing, as well as provide an outline, so you can simply individualize your text. Having an outline can be really useful in getting started.
  • Essay Roo is a good tool for business writers that finds mistakes and suggests editing and proofreading help whatever your content is.


Overall these resources and services can improve the written work o any HR manager, which is essential for anyone looking to get ahead in the modern work place.


About the Author

Gloria Kopp is a web content writer and an e-learning consultant from Manville city. She graduated from University of Wyoming and started a career of creative writer, now she works as a part-time editor at BigAssignments. Besides this, she is a regular contributor to such websites as Studydemic, HuffingtonPost, Engadget, and others.